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Kids work hard too.

We are passionate about helping kids achieve optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care.


At Sound Chiropractic, we believe that a healthy spine is essential for a healthy body, and this is especially important for children. As kids grow and develop, their spines undergo significant changes, and it is crucial to ensure that their spines are growing correctly to support their overall health.

Learning with Tablets

Our Services

  • Personalized Care

    • We get to know your child's unique needs and goals.

    • We develop a tailored treatment plan.

  • Convenient Access

    • Receive in-person or virtual consultations at an affordable price.

    • ​​Book appointments online or by phone.

    • Most insurance is accepted.

  • Committed to Your Child's Wellness

Don't let growing pains be a pain in the spine.

Did you know that trauma can occur to a newborn's spine during the birthing process?

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Dr. Stefan Nichols, D.C. uses advanced technology and chiropractic adjustments to realign the body and enhance its natural rhythm. This helps you find relief and optimize your overall health.

We work with your insurance just like your medical doctor.

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Seeking care for both you and your child? Ask us about our bundled care discounts.

Why should every child see a chiropractor?

As parents, we all want our children to be as healthy as possible, and that includes from the moment they are born. Unfortunately, birth trauma can occur during the labor and delivery process, leading to misalignments in the spine and nervous system that can affect a child's health and wellbeing. Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct these misalignments, using gentle techniques that remove stress and pressure from the nervous system.

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Elementary Science Class

We Specialize in Care for Office Professionals and Gamers

Chiropractic care is particularly important for office professionals and gamers who spend long hours sitting and using computers or gaming devices.

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