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Realign your Body, Reclaim your Life.

  • Personalized Care

    • We get to know your unique needs and goals.

    • We develop a tailored treatment plan.

  • Convenient Access

    • Receive in-person or virtual consultations at an affordable price.

    • ​​Book appointments online or by phone.

    • Most insurance accepted.

  • Committed to Your Wellness

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Listen to your body's needs.

Dr. Stefan Nichols, D.C. uses advanced technology and chiropractic adjustments to realign the body and enhance its natural rhythm. This helps clients find relief and optimize your overall health.

We work with your insurance just like your medical doctor.

See if we're in network with your insurance.

Shared Office

We Specialize in Care for Office Professionals and Gamers

Chiropractic care is particularly important for office professionals and gamers who spend long hours sitting and using computers or gaming devices.

Discover the sweet sound of relief.

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Consultations in person or over video that start on time

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Appointments with personalized timing so you don't feel rushed 

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Convenient in person x-ray capabilities to save you extra trips

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Care that Covers everything from acute to chronic conditions

Learn about what makes Sound Chiropractic Different.

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